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Hard on your health

The air you breathe every day may be filled with dust and other particles due to buildup in your furnace ducts. These impurities can contribute to many negative health issues.

The ADCO Advantage!

We remove dust and debris from your ducts with our powerful vacuum and specialized tools. We take our time and make sure your furnace system is thoroughly cleaned.

Better air filtration

Adco Maintenance also provides advanced electrostatic filters for your home or office. These filters trap much more dust and debris than standard furnace filters and are also reusable.

#1 in the Peace Region

Adco Maintenance provides a more complete cleaning of your furnace and ducts than others services can offer. You’ll be impressed with our commitment to a job well done.

We hired Adco recently on a day when I was off from work, so I got to see first hand how they compared to previous companies we’d hired. I was seriously impressed by Tal’s commitment to detail, it was heads and tails above the company we’d hired previously. ADCO will have my business as long as my family lives in the North!

Kaleb Penner

Owner, Absolute Entertainment


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